The Cooper Class

The Cooper Class is open to men and women of all ages. All are welcome! Our textbook is the Cokesbury Adult Bible Studies, and our teacher is Betty Allen. Discussions get lively and fun sometimes! We support several missions; Salvation Army, Mission Waco, Cogdell Food Pantry, Caritas, Meals-On-Wheels, Operation Christmas Child. We also serve church members and church needs. Our class is named after Cogdell’s first Pastor, Jimmy Cooper (1955-1964).
Contact Person: Becky Frels. (254-495-1972)

The Crawford Class

The Crawford Class welcomes everyone. Our curriculum is the lectionary readings for that Sunday and David Anderson is our primary leader. We read from several different versions of the Bible which can lead to spirited and great discussions! We support missions prioritized by the church and routinely help with church maintenance projects and needs. We partner with the Cooper Class to organize the Cogdell Food Pantry. Our class is named after Rev. W. C. Crawford, the father of one of the founding members of our class.
Contact Person: Jerry Martin (512-797-0423)

The Garden Class

The Garden Class is a class for single women of any age. Our curriculum is determined by group discussions, resulting in varied inspirational studies. We lift each other up. We support various missions, including Caritas, Parkdale Elementary Adopt-A-School and Mission Waco.
Contact Person: Rita Hogan (254-744-3639)

The Pair & Spares Class

The Pairs & Spares Class was Cogdell’s original young adult class, and is now a senior adult class. We use the Cokesbury Adult Bible Studies textbook and rotate among four teachers. We are a great support group for each other – sharing our joys and concerns. Our outreach focuses on Mission Waco projects.
Contact Person: Jean Cummings

The Pathfinders Class

The Pathfinders Class welcomes all ages and is a class of self-described nerds. Our studies range from read-throughs of books from the Bible (we have recently read Luke, Job, Acts, and Ecclesiastes) with discussion, to studies on Christian books such as “The Shack,” to discussions about other religions. During our discussions, many subjects come up and we weave them into our lessons. The CROP Walk is one of the major missions that our class supports, along with Operation Christmas Child and the Harvest Festival.
Contact Persons: Janet and Jeremy Holt

The Seekers Class

The Seekers Class began as a young marrieds’ class, and now we are mostly grandparents and all parents. Our Bible studies are unique because we do in-depth studies of scripture – verse by verse and chapter by chapter. Our teacher was a Marine pilot during the Vietnam conflict.
Contact Person: Marlene Houston

The Junior/Senior High Class

The Junior/Senior High Class is currently studying a book about how we have the power of the Holy Spirit to use in our daily lives. We start each session by asking youth about their previous week which often ends up with some really neat conversations about their interests and activities. Randall Roberts has taught this class for more than 30 years.
Contact Persons: Randall Roberts (254-722-5341) and Christopher Wilson (254-644-9082)

Children's Classes

Children’s Classes study the Deep Blue curriculum, which connects children with God through stories, arts/crafts, and games. Additional children’s activities occur throughout the year including a yearly VBS.
Contact Person: Ashley Hardt (254-981-6185)


Nursery services are provided for children ages 0 – 3 during Sunday School.